Get That Dead or Dying Tree Taken Down

We provide tree removal services in the DeRidder & Fort Polk, LA areas

Is there a tree leaning dangerously close to your home? Don't wait for it to fall during a storm. Turn to Family Land & Tree Service LLC for tree removal services in the DeRidder or Fort Polk, LA area.

You might need to remove the tree in your yard if it:

  • Looks decayed
  • Sits too close to your house
  • Infringes on your power lines

Whether your tree represents a dangerous or just an eyesore, we can remove it quickly and affordably. Call 337-463-5808 today to schedule tree removal services.

Choose a full-service tree removal crew

Choose a full-service tree removal crew

When we remove a tree from your property, we don't leave behind unsightly roots. Our crew also provides tree root removal services to keep your yard in tip-top shape.

Find out why families from across DeRidder and Fort Polk, LA choose Family Land & Tree Service. Contact us today to arrange for tree root removal.